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Sock Mopping!

This is a fun, clean and wet activity. We call it “Sock Mopping”!


  • Make sure that every family member participating has a pair of thick cotton socks (sweat socks).
  • Get your house ready for washing the floor. This activity is the only thing that gets my kids excited to clean up!
  • Fill a bucket with soapy water (we use regular floor cleaner diluted with a lot of water).
  • Take turns stepping into the soapy water. (this is a great way to cool off!)
  • Now start mopping the floor with your socks! It is actually a lot easier to reach the corners and edges.
  • It’s also a lot of fun to slide around! (With thick socks it is not too slippery but please pay attention to make sure things don’t get too wild.)
  • Heads up – You will probably need to use a mop at the end to finish up the job.

We hope you enjoy this cleaning activity together with your kids!

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