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Say Thank You!

We are all going through a really challenging time period. We often find ourselves and our family members getting aggravated with each other. Let’s take a step back and see how much we do have and how appreciative we should be.

Print out the thank you notes (see below), and keep them in a central place in your home. Let the kids know about this new initiative. Encourage everyone to write each other thank you notes and to place them in a designated box. Every few days ask one of your children to “deliver” the notes.

Include simple messages like, “Thank you for a yummy dinner,” or “Thank you for keeping the baby out of trouble.” The notes can also include deeper messages like “Thank you for controlling yourself today even though you were so bored”.

Everyone will be happy (and sometimes surprised) to read what they are being thanked for! I hope these notes help you better connect with your children!

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1 thought on “ Say Thank You!

  1. I just wanted to tell you that I think your content is fantastic – creative, on-target, entertaining and full of “tochen”. Thank you so much for the projects/activities you are putting out during these challenging times!

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