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Creating Time with the Perfectionist

Your child likes to get things right. He knows what he’s good at, knows what he likes and likes to stick to just those things. He has a strong need to succeed and will not try something new unless he is confident that he will succeed at it or if he doesn’t have a choice but to do it (in which case he might do it, but not happily).

How Can You Help Him?

  • Encourage, encourage, encourage.  Remind your child of times when he succeeded at doing something new. Tell him how talented he is and how much you believe in him.
  • Calm him down. Perfectionists often get uptight about new situations. Try to remain calm yourself, and set him up for success. It might be a good idea to de-clutter the work area, or to put on some soothing music. You know your child, try to do what works for him.
  • At other times (not when you are sitting down to do an activity together), discuss how much you enjoy spending the time together, and how Creating Time™ activities are just the means to an end. You love him and love to have joint experiences with him, and how the end product is beside the point.

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