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Have Family Fun Decorating Your Shelving Paper!

The pressure is on… Pesach is just a few days away….. Here is a way to turn the Pesach kitchen turnover into fun while including even the youngest children! 
Set out a piece of shelving paper and markers on a clean table Let the fun begin! The kids (and you!) can color whatever they like. The only rule is that kids may not color or scribble on each others drawings. 

You can choose whether or not you want to use these papers to line your selves. This is what our kitchen cabinets look like:

Wishing You and Your Family a Chag Kosher V’Sameach!

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2 thoughts on “Have Family Fun Decorating Your Shelving Paper!

  1. רעיון אדיר
    תודה רבה

  2. איזה רעיון!
    מאמצת 🙂

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