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Gifting Our Children Our Time

I was sitting next to a friend at the park when I phoned another friend and invited her to come join us.  About ten minutes later she arrived and said: “Do you know how I feel right now? I feel like a teenager and that the cool girls invited me to hang out with them.”

Well, I am certainly not a teenager and I am not all that cool. But one thing that I learned from this story is how good it feels when someone wants to spend time with you.

This is a gift we can all give our children. Setting time aside on a weekly basis will make them feel so good; just like that school girl who is so excited to have an “in” with the cool girls. Showing them that we want to spend time with them regularly means that they really matter to us, and that feels really good.

Do you give this gift to your kids?

If you do – please give yourself a HUGE pat on the back!!!

If you need some help giving this gift to your kids, Creating Time™ might be right for you.  Creating Time™ provides the framework in which we engage with our children on a weekly basis, be it through crafts, exploration or just plain fun and games.

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