Time Capsule

In a certain sense time has stopped. We have been forced into taking a break from the fast-paced lifestyle that we are accustomed to. This bizarre time period is difficult and challenging for all of us but at the same time we have learned many important lessons and built some fantastic memories. Yet, how much of it will we remember in ten years’ time?

Now is a fabulous time to connect with your kids and create a time capsule!

Download the file below (which includes printouts for two), and you will find the following kid-friendly worksheets:

  • A Little About Me
  • Family Memories at Home
  • Corona Challenges
  • My Feelings
  • Dear Me
  • Why I Am Grateful for Covid-19

Over the course of a few days, have everyone fill them out (even you!), and try to include the little ones (please help them!). In 10 years they won’t be little anymore and it will be really fun for them to learn about how they felt during this time period.

All you need is a box that you can decorate however you’d like. Place the worksheets in the box and you can also add all sorts of things from this time period, such as gloves, masks, newspaper articles or something else that is not related to Covid-19.

Now put it away on a high shelf or deep in your storage area (and forget about it!). In ten years, invite your kids over and enjoy reliving the memories!

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