Make Your Own Comic Strip

Here is a fun activity that can keep everyone busy and really bring out their creativity without needing to know how to draw.

  1. Download and print the file below which includes your comic strip characters, speech bubbles and page layout.
  2. Color in the people, and cut them out.
  3. Cut out speech bubbles and fill them in.
  4. Position the characters and speech bubbles on the page and glue them on.

Use your imagination and be as creative as you want! Feel free to add your own drawings or add magazine clippings.

Shavuos Learning Pop-Up Card

This Shavuos, connect with your kids as they prepare a cool pop-up card for their father!

What you will need:

  • The download below, preferably printed on bristol (card stock), but if you only have regular paper that is also fine.
  • Crayons or markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Stapler


  1. Print out the file and color in both sides of the card (the pages with flowers on them) and fold in half.
  2. Assembling the table: Cut out the pieces of the table, color them and fold on the dotted lines.
  3. Glue down the glue tabs where they are marked, and glue the legs to each other. It should look like this:
  4. Fold the table top down the middle and position it on top of the legs, so the fold is at the meeting point of the legs. Glue table top onto the legs:
  5. Glue the bottom of the table legs to the center of the card, so the table fold is on the card fold like this:
  6. Now it’s time to make the sefer to put on the table! Cut out the cover and pages, fold them and staple them together in the center.
  7. Carefully glue the sefer to the table so the fold matches up.
  8. Write a personal message.
  9. Close the card and watch it pop out at you when you open it!

Chag Sameach!






Lag Baomer Treasure Hunt

This year we all need to put extra effort into making Lag Baomer a memorable day and not just another (boring) day at home.

Therefore, we have prepared a treasure hunt for you and your kids!


  • Print out the download below.
  • Hide the four clues in the download – next to each clue it says where it needs to go. (One of the clue sheets needs to be cut on the dotted lines.)
  • Under the blanket in one of your kids’ beds, hide ingredients for s’mores – for the treasure. Click here for ingredient list and how to make s’mores. (If that doesn’t work for you, you can hide something else.)
  • Give your kids the first clue and enjoy the hunt!

Build Your Neighborhood!

Spend time connecting with your kids while mapping out your neighborhood (or create your own neighborhood)!

All you need is the printable below, four blank pieces of paper, a pair of scissors, a glue stick and markers (optional).

The printable includes:

  • Roads (both straight and curved)
  • Walking paths (both straight and curved)
  • Traffic circles
  • Crosswalks
  • Playgrounds
  • Park Benches
  • Trees
  • Houses
  • Apartment buildings
  • Shuls
  • Stores
  • Schools


  1. Attach four pieces of paper together, creating a large rectangle.
  2. Print out the download below and cut out the different pieces.
  3. Start mapping out your neighborhood (or create your own!)
  4. Glue the pieces where they belong.
  5. Optional: Color in the map.

Here are two examples (The first one is a real neighborhood, the second one is made up): 

We hope you enjoy this activity!

Time Capsule

In a certain sense time has stopped. We have been forced into taking a break from the fast-paced lifestyle that we are accustomed to. This bizarre time period is difficult and challenging for all of us but at the same time we have learned many important lessons and built some fantastic memories. Yet, how much of it will we remember in ten years’ time?

Now is a fabulous time to connect with your kids and create a time capsule!

Download the file below (which includes printouts for two), and you will find the following kid-friendly worksheets:

  • A Little About Me
  • Family Memories at Home
  • Corona Challenges
  • My Feelings
  • Dear Me
  • Why I Am Grateful for Covid-19

Over the course of a few days, have everyone fill them out (even you!), and try to include the little ones (please help them!). In 10 years they won’t be little anymore and it will be really fun for them to learn about how they felt during this time period.

All you need is a box that you can decorate however you’d like. Place the worksheets in the box and you can also add all sorts of things from this time period, such as gloves, masks, newspaper articles or something else that is not related to Covid-19.

Now put it away on a high shelf or deep in your storage area (and forget about it!). In ten years, invite your kids over and enjoy reliving the memories!

Detective Work!

This is your chance to work together as a family and help the police solve the mystery!

Four people have recently entered the country, each of them smuggling in a different object. With the help of the evidence that the police have provided in the download below, help uncover the mystery!

Remember to explain the details to younger children so even they can feel included!

Our recommendation is to print this out – it will make it more enjoyable and easier to solve. In the event that you have tried to solve the mystery but you are ready to give up, we have included a help sheet. It is the last page in the file.

To start, click the button below.

Good luck on this important mission!

Once you have completed the mission, if you would like to receive the answer key, please send us an email: