Our Story

Our Story

As a hands-on mom to seven amazing children and part time graphic designer, I’m always looking for enjoyable and creative ways to connect with my children. As I saw the difference this connection was making to my children, I wanted to impact the lives of other children as well. So I opened a summer camp which stresses creativity, individuality, and connection. With this experience, I’ve learned just what activities kids enjoy doing.

When I mention to friends the different activities I’ve done with my children or in camp, I repeatedly hear the same response: “Your kids are so lucky. I could never do that.”

Creating Time™ is the proof that they could. Creating Time™ was developed (with input from my husband – a clinical social worker) to utilize fun activities to deepen our relationship with our children.

With the Creating Time™ monthly subscription, you’ll receive everything you need to have a fun and enjoyable experience with your kids. No planning necessary. Create the time, be present, and enjoy connecting more deeply with your children.

Wishing you much success in deepening the bonds…

Aviva Friedman

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