Creating Time

Connecting with Our Children

Why Create Time?

Children thrive when they receive love, support, warmth, and attention from their parents. But most of us struggle to find the time to give our children what they need. Even time spent with our children, often isn’t quality time.

Creating Time™ is a service that helps us as parents forge deeper and more meaningful connections with our children. Creating Time™ provides the framework in which we engage with our children on a weekly basis, be it through crafts, exploration, or just plain fun and games. Creating Time™ activities have all been tested and proven to meet the goal of providing fun and excitement as they’re enjoyed together.

Creating Time™ Activities

Arts & Crafts

Bond while developing your children’s creativity

Learn & Explore

Connect through shared learning and exploration


Deepen your relationship with your children through play

cook & bake

There's nothing like bonding through food!

What Do Our Members Get?

Four Weekly activities

Each week enjoy a new and exciting activity geared towards kids ages 6-11!

Easy to follow instructions

Each week’s activity comes with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions!

List of supplies for the month

Each month you will get a detailed list of supplies so you'll be prepared.

Deeper Connections

By Creating Time™ every week, you will enjoy deeper connections with your children!

Check Out Our Sample Activities!

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